Fleet Services

Maintain your company cars and fleet by keeping them clean and serviced through Shell's Fleet Maintenance Program. Clean corporate cars and fleet vehicles help project the image your company has built. Frequently serviced vehicles ensure the safety of your employees.

How does it work?

Each car or employee, your choice, will be assigned an account card for convenient monthly tracking of your fleets wash and lube services. The assigned card is given to the cashier each time a service is rendered. If the card it not provided the individual will be required to pay cash, check, or credit card and a receipt will be given.


  • Services billed directly to a Shell Account Card
  • Entire Fleet is invoiced on one convenient monthly bill
  • Convenient Oil Change and State Inspection Reminders
  • No Appointment Needed for any Service
  • FREE Outside Wash with Oil Change
  • Eligible for bulk discount coupons