NC Inspection Station

Official NC State Inspection Station

When your vehicle passes inspection, it will be given an electronic authorization which reports that the vehicle has been inspected and registered as required by law. Your next insepction can be performed 90 days before your vehicle's registration expires. If you try to renew your registration and you have not had your vehicle inspected, the DMV will not process your registration and inform you that a passed inspection is needed to complete the process.

The NC Safety Inspection

Get your car and auto inspection at one of our Eastern North Carolina locations: Rocky Mount and Kinston & Cameron. All safety items (lights, tires, wiper blades, ect) are inspected in accordance with NC State regulations.

All emission devices (muffler, exhaust system, egr valve, catalytic convertor, etc) are inspected in accordance with NC State regulations North Carolina has a new tool for fighting ozone-forming emissions from gasoline-operated vehicles. RipTide Car Wash is required to use a more effective method for testing the air-pollution controls on vehicles. This is required on vehicles that are year model 1996 or newer. Diesel-operated vehicles are only equire an NC safety inspection.